Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping in East Boulder County, Colorado

If you think that bargains and antiques don't make it into East Boulder County thrift stores, keep thinking that way. That will leave more bargains for me to find.

Finding the bargains may involve digging around and prowling the shelves and racks several times. Retraining filters and educating oneself about items takes time. Sometimes it just takes showing up when the thrift store opens its doors for the day.

Two weeks ago, I acquired one of my dream thrift finds by showing up when the doors opened at 10am. I had been wanting to find a nice well-built older bicycle trailer at a nice price for a few months.

I walked into the store and glanced where the larger items are displayed. There it was - my perfect bicycle trailer. I checked the trailer out and the price tag. The trailer was in perfect shape other than a flat inner tube. The price - $15. This is a trailer that went for over $200 new. I ran to the register with the trailer. Competition is fierce in this particular store. With $5 spent on a new inner tube, I have a new way to shop and get some exercise.

One great find this week was a Nelson McCoy Water Lily with a Fish Handle Pitcher from 1935. It did have a little damage to the spout but it is still highly collectible. It's a really interesting piece. The auction for this small McCoy pitcher can be found at

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