Monday, August 29, 2011

Clay Pen Pottery of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Van Briggle may be the most famous pottery in Colorado but it is most definitely not the only pottery in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

While searching the aisles of several local thrift stores I've discovered some distinctive and well made art pottery items. All are functional but would look nice in a collection too.

After some online investigation, I discovered that the pieces were all made in Colorado Springs by Clay Pen Pottery. Clay Pen Pottery pieces can also be labelled Les Kitchen and Down to Earth Pottery.

So far, I've found three pieces - one labelled Les Kitchen and two others labelled Clay Pen or Clay Pen Pottery. Not all of the marks on the bottom look the same.

A found one large coffee mug with a more formal stamp on the bottom.

The auction can be found at

Another mug had a less formal handwritten signature. It makes a nice souvenir from Grand Lake, CO.
The auction can be found at

I believe they are both by Clay Pen Pottery

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