Sunday, August 28, 2011

Black Americana Chalkware Find

Chalkware is very fragile and often doesn't survive long enough to land in a thrift store. Imagine my surprise when I found some in a Boulder County thrift store. An even bigger surprise is that it was Black Americana.

The chalkware consists of a set of two figurines. One is an African-American girl standing and holding an umbrella. The other is an African-American boy walking and holding an umbrella. The girl figurine is in great shape while the boy obviously fell off the wall at some point and needed repair.

With a bit of internet research, I found that this particular set of figurines was painted in a variety of colors. Due to the chalkware nature, they are also found in a variety of condition. Prices ranged from pristine condtion at over $300 to around $75 for a set with chips and nicks. Your findings may differ.

This African-American Black Americana doesn't appear to portray stereotypes found in many other chalkware figurines. It is up for auction at

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